University of Augsburg

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The Faculty of Applied Computer Science of the University of Augsburg, Institute of Geography, Chair for Regional Climate and Hydrology (Prof. Dr. Harald Kunstmann) is offering a PostDoc position in the field of rainfall observation using commercial microwave link networks in Burkina Faso for the duration of three years starting at earliest convenience. The scientist will participate in a research project entitled “Improving RAINfall Information and RAINwater Usage for adapted Agricultural Production under high Climate Variability in Burkina Faso” (AgRAIN), which is funded via the “CLIENT II” program of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). One core element of AgRAIN is the usage data from commercial microwave link (CML) networks to derive rainfall information in Burkina Faso. These CML networks provide the interconnections between cell phone towers on a country-wide basis. Hence, using them as rainfall sensors will significantly increase the spatial coverage with sensors in an otherwise data scarce region. The work will be based on a successful initial pilot study with a small number of CMLs which is carried out in cooperation with the associated project partners.

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